George Mayer

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George Mayer

is a photographer and designer from Nizhny Tagil, a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers. The main style of his creative works is classic fashion previous-century in-studio portraits and nude photographs. His style is peculiar for the use of minimum tools to express maximum emotions. 

“Light. Shadow. Perfect woman” series of photographs brought him the first prize in the nomination “Portrait” among the professionals at the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards international contest in 2017. In that cycle the photographer expressed the dualism of image through the correlation of light and shadow and the very notion of “perfect woman” became controversial. On the one hand, the image is monumental and complete, and on the other hand it is naked and vulnerable. 

Mayer used a similar process with light and shadow in “Libido and mortido” project. Those are the two types of psychic energy that accompany people since their birth. Libido is the pursuance of creativity and arts or the desire to live. Mortido is the pursuance of death or eternal life without the body. However, libido and mortido represent rather the interpenetrating dialectical antipodes than a rivalry of antithesis. And a woman’s shape on the photographs is a symbol reflecting the human consciousness which is on the line between the concepts of creation and destruction (libido and mortido)...” 

The Anima in this equivalent called serie is a personification of all feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses, such as haziness and vagueness of feelings and moods, emotional sensitivity,  prophetic insights, susceptibility to the irrational and the capability for individual love. If a man does not try to relate with his anima, he gets what Jung called "a loss of soul", i.e., a lack of vitality, flexibility and humaneness.

The red circle on the works is a reference to the planet Mars. The ancient Greeks associated this celestial body with the God of war Ares, who was the personification of pure violence and cruelty. In Western astrology, the planet Mars is associated with the aggressive masculine element, the will and active sexuality. Mars manages wars, disasters, natural disasters, and accidents.

In the photos the anima becomes positive, it is opposed to aggression, soothing it and helping to find inner harmony.