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Amsterdam Portraits by Bastiaan Woudt

 In the spring of 2019, photographer Bastiaan Woudt had made portraits of Amsterdammers in the mobile studio that moved around different parts of the city.
The resulting photobook, Amsterdam Portraits, shows Amsterdammers of very different ages, backgrounds and professions - from well-known actors to anonymous streetwalkers, from schoolchildren to pensioners, all well-captured by Bastiaan Woudt. The project gives a beautiful picture of the diversity that the city exudes and what Amsterdam looks like today.
With an unprecedented eye for detail, Amsterdam Portraits by Bastiaan Woudt captures the human essence in a powerful and iconic image.


Text: Erik Vroons  |  Publisher: X Publishers  |  Year: 2019 Binding: Hardcover  |  Pages: 192  |  Size: 25 x 34 cm  |  Language: English  |  Edition: 1000  |  Note: Signed

Bastiaan Woudt Amsterdam Portraits
Amsterdam Portraits Bastiaan Woudt
Amsterdam Portraits Bastiaan Woudt