Rugby | Signed by Bastiaan Woudt

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Rugby by Bastiaan Woudt

Bastiaan Woudt was commissioned to capture the timelessness of the legends within the Dutch Rugby sport. The images also had to reflect the roughness and dynamics of the players and honour this multifaceted sport that doesn’t receive the acknowledgment it deserves. These photographs, and the magazine, try to restore glory to a sport that has long been forgotten in the world of sports publications. Shining a literal spotlight on the heroes of the craft, giving the sport the pedestal it deserves. Creating a moment to appreciate the players, the game and the goals. Through Legacy magazine Bastiaan Woudt captured the past, present and legacy of Rugby sport and the players in the Netherlands.
Design: Bart Wierenga, Andrea Hulskamp | Publisher: BartBranding | Illustrations: Brian Elstak | Photography (Portraits): Bastiaan Woudt | Photography (Wildlife): David Yarrow | Year: 2019 | Binding: Softcover | Pages: 352 | Size: 24 x 32,5 cm Language: Dutch  |  Note: Signed edition on Cover